Ceramics 1
Sculpture classes
Study Abroad Rome 3 (1)
Dr. Cristina Cruz González study abroad class in Rome, Italy May 2018
Oil Painting Classes for majors and non-majors
Dr. Jennifer Borland discussing the exhibition “Kiki Smith and Paper: The Body, the Muse, and the Spirit” with students at the Oklahoma State Museum of Art, Stillwater, OK.
Photography I students learning basics of DSLR camera with Assistant Professor Andy Mattern
Jewelry and Metal I Class for majors and non-majors
Study Abroad Pompeii 2 (1)
Dr. Cristina Cruz González study abroad class in Pompeii, Italy May 2018
Students in History of American Art at the OSU Museum of Art, studying work from the permanent collection, with Carla Shelton, Associate Director, Museum Collection & Chief Registrar.
Oil Painting I class
Printmaking I for majors and non-majors

Students and Faculty participating in the mural workshop with OSU Museum of Art Visiting Artist Yatika Fields in front of the murals they created in a live painting performance collaboration with the…

Ceramics classes for majors and non-majors
Fantastic Beasts Floating Sculpture Event
Fantastic Beasts Floating Sculpture Event - 3D Design students
Jewelry and Metals I Class work
Ceramics for majors and non-majors
Drawing 2
Drawing 2 class mural "if I were a mouse..." Charcoal on paper, subtractive technique
Drawing Classes
Lecture in 109 Lecture Hall
Students listening to Visiting Juror Jodi Throckmorton in the lecture hall
Printmaking with Professor Mark Sisson
Dr. Jennifer Borland guiding a tour of medieval architecture in front of the Round Church in Cambridge, UK, with students enrolled in the study abroad course “Cambridge in the Middle Ages”
Jewelry and Metals Class
Cimarron National Works on Paper Exhibition
Students visiting the Cimarron National Works on Paper Exhibition
Jewelry Students working in Doel Reed Center Portal Studio in Taos New Mexico, July 2019
Student Jenna Corso bracelet design - Summer jewelry class at the Dole Reed Center, Taos New Mexico, July 2019
Photography Classes for Majors and Non-Majors
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Throughout history, the fine and applied arts have played important roles within all cultures and the influence of these art forms on society has never been greater than it is today. Whether one realizes it or not, we are surrounded by it. Stereotypically, our museums and galleries display all manner of art. But, art is not found only there. We see it in the design of our coffee cups, the shape of our cars, the look of our furniture, and the design of this web site.

The Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History at Oklahoma State University is dedicated to excellence in the education of all forms of art creation, art history, and design. We have excellent facilities for painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry and small metals, digital photo and video, two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, graphic design, illustration, typography, and art history. Our faculty members are experts in their fields and have national/international reputations. Our Studio Arts, Art History, and Graphic Design programs focus on traditional skills and thorough knowledge of historical and contemporary artmaking practices.

We are also dedicated to something that is very important to a liberal arts education, exposure to the Arts through public events.

We have up to twelve exhibitions a year in our spectacular Gardiner Gallery of Art. We have a sizable lecture series where artists, designers, and art historians present their research.

Whatever your interests, the Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History has something for you. We invite you to tour our facilities and attend our events, all of which are free and open to the public. For those of you considering a career in the visual arts, please contact us for further information; we will be happy to assist you.


Upcoming Events

09/23/2020 8:00 am - 11/03/2020
Annual Faculty Exhibition
09/24/2020 8:00 am - 11/04/2020
Annual Faculty Exhibition
09/25/2020 8:00 am - 11/05/2020
Annual Faculty Exhibition
09/28/2020 8:00 am - 11/08/2020
Annual Faculty Exhibition
09/29/2020 8:00 am - 11/09/2020
Annual Faculty Exhibition

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