Outlands & Negotiations: Works by Robert Bubp

Bubp’s multi-media works investigate public areas in different cities. “I search for and document experiences and situations via direct recording, collected ephemera, and mapping specific presences and movements. The resulting artworks, whether metal map forms, drawings, photos, or videos, are intentionally fragmentary, reflecting the asynchronous nature of presences (including myself) and/or situations that are out of compliance.” Bubp’s work offers a gateway to conversations about physical spaces, who claims them as their own and for what use.

January 13 – February 20 Exhibition

Wednesday, February 5, Public Art Event: 3-5pm

Reception: 5-6pm / Lecture: 6-7pm At the Gardiner Gallery of Art

Thursday, February 6, Workshop: 10am -2pm

Associate Professor Louise Siddons is the curator of “Creative Cabal,” at ahha Tulsa, opening Friday, December 6. Creative Cabal members have included some of Tulsa’s most celebrated artists, and some of Tulsa’s best kept secrets. All are hands-on, working artists and they are sharing their creative work with you at ahha Tulsa. 

Art history MA student Roxanne Beason has had her paper, "Lost and Found: Anna Belle Mitchell, Jane Osti, and the Revival of Cherokee Pottery in Oklahoma,” accepted for the 2020 Newberry Consortium for American Indian and Indigenous Studies (NCAIS) Graduate Student Conference, on February 22, 2020 at the Newberry Library in Chicago. NCAIS Graduate Students will be presenting papers in a number of academic fields related to American Indian and Indigenous Studies. NCAIS Faculty members and other students in the audience help presenters further develop their ideas and arguments through questions and constructive feedback. The full program is available on the Newberry Library website: https://www.newberry.org/02222020-2020-ncais-graduate-student-conference


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BFA Studio Students Capstone Exhibition Fall 2019

Exhibition at the Gardiner Gallery of Art November 18 - December 5

This exhibition presents the work of students graduating in December 2019 with their BFA degrees in studio art. 

The students of the 3D Design and Visual Thinking course at Oklahoma State University Department of Art, Graphic Design & Art History held an event on Saturday Nov 23, 2019 to reveal mythical creatures that could possibly be inhabiting Boomer Lake.

The students created 3D floating structures that were anchored down in the lake.

The students were led by instructors Jessica Teckemeyer and Robin Baker. Check out the fantasic creatures!