Critical Mass is an international photography competition — now in its 16th year — wherein artists submit a 10-image portfolio to be ranked by 200 top museum curators, gallerists, publishers, editors, and media producers. From the wide pool of applicants, 50 artists are ultimately selected and their work is published in the Photolucida online archive.


OSU Art History Roundtable Series

Fall 2020

All talks are at 5pm, local time, via Zoom meeting.

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Once registered, you will receive announcements about each talk in the Fall series — you do not need to register individually for each one. 

Thursday, Sept 17

Louise Siddons, Associate Professor, OSU Art History

“Love and Theft: Service, Sovereignty, and the American Flag on the Navajo Nation”


October 15: Wendy Castenell, University of Alabama

November 19: Shaoqian Zhang

The OSU Art History Roundtable series presents the work of OSU faculty and graduate students, along with occasional guests, to the OSU community. This fall, our roundtables will be held via Zoom, and we are looking forward to welcoming a wider audience than is possible in person. Thank you for your interest!

Artist Dayon Royster will be discussing his work with Mary Claire Becker’s Drawing II class via Zoom at 10am on 9/4. All are welcome to attend! The main focus of the talk will be “Text and Image” to complement the Drawing II students’ current project assignment.