Art Students participate at OSU Art Fair

Art students Mikayla Smith, Clara Titus, Calli Heflin, Gianna Matucci-Fink, Whitney Hampton, and Kitra Smith are taking lessoned learned in art class out into the art world by having their artwork for sale at OSU's first Art Fair.

Look at thier cute success!

Student Kitra Smith shared her thoughts on the Artist Society, "From my experience at OSU the most important lessons for running an art business and to be a working artist occur outside of the studio. Getting experience in galleries and getting people out to your shows really helps prepare Studio Artists for life outside of the classroom. The Artist Society is open for all majors, and even non-majors can accelerate their art path by joining our club and helping each other grow. Graphic Designers are an important aspect of the art world too, and the more united the art department is the better. We all need one another." 

Artist Society offers many events and opportunities that can help your students fill up their CVs before they graduate from OSU.