Inspired by Gardiner Gallery Exhibition piece student wins poetry contest

Last spring the OSU graduate students in the “Studies in Poetry Writing” class visited the Gardiner Gallery during the Tunde Darvay: Whisperings exhibition for writing inspiration.

Student Remigius Recchia entered his piece "Head Space" in the 2019 Academy of American Poets poetry contest and won first place! Here is the poem and Tunde Darvay’s painting that was the inspiration.


Information on the Academy of American Poets' University & College Poetry Prize can be found here:

"Head Space":

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Head Space

by Remigius Recchia  (After Tünde Darvay)

My hands are sometimes
corduroy & I’m wondering

if I still fit inside your jeans,
inside your lightbulb pocket.

I can still see your breath, dank
river drivel & stale mint, pressing

syllables on my cheek & leaving
wet traces for days. Diogenes

feeds the animals—probably
their last meal—under harsh

kitchen florescence, knowing
these wolves will swallow

his last paycheck. They are bristle-
yellow & ghost teeth, thorned

parasite grip. What no one
tells a man is he will always

remember his first abuser,
house-key love turned to ash

inside a see-through vase. His
body an upside-down flower.