In their last week of classes, students in ART 1513 (Art History Survey II) with Prof. Jennifer Borland were tasked with recreating a work of art with whatever they had with them while practicing social distancing. The students could choose any work of art from the time frame covered in the course (roughly 1300 to 2020). Several museums started encouraging such engagement with their collections in March:

These are some highlights! 

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The National Student Show & Conference (NSSC) is a professionally judged creative competition who's purpose is to help undergraduates become successful creative professionals. Students from all over the nation have entered their work for the opportunity to win scholarship money and bragging rights. Due to Covid-19 the awards were hosted online. Click links below to see the winning OSU Graphic Design students.

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Outstanding Senior in Art History: Landes Bauter

Landes Bauter is a senior graduating in May with her degree in Art History with a minor in History. During her undergraduate degree She enjoyed being the president of the art history organization and spent a semester studying abroad at the University of Bologna. After graduation Landes plans to attend law school with a focus on copyright and intellectual property. 

Outstanding Senior in the Graphic Design: Hailey Caldwell

Hailey Caldwell is a Graphic Design student at OSU who designs user-friendly apps as a side gig and fights perfectionism around the clock. Hailey enjoys all things related to summer and drawing photo-realistic portraits for fun. When not designing, Hailey is studying German and reminiscing about nostalgic memories. Hailey hopes to do freelance design one day and to make time for the more slow, simple, and good things in life.