OSU Art History Roundtable Series

Fall 2020

All talks are at 5pm, local time, via Zoom meeting.

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Thursday, Sept 17

Louise Siddons, Associate Professor, OSU Art History

“Love and Theft: Service, Sovereignty, and the American Flag on the Navajo Nation”


October 15: Wendy Castenell, University of Alabama

November 19: Shaoqian Zhang

The OSU Art History Roundtable series presents the work of OSU faculty and graduate students, along with occasional guests, to the OSU community. This fall, our roundtables will be held via Zoom, and we are looking forward to welcoming a wider audience than is possible in person. Thank you for your interest!

Professor Jennifer Borland presents keynote lecture at virtual conference in Sweden

Art history professor Jennifer Borland was originally scheduled to present a keynote lecture with her colleague Nancy Thomson (St. Olaf College) at the international conference “Art: What Is It Good For? Education, Mediation, Criticism” at Sweden’s Linnaeus University on August 19-20, 2020. When the conference was moved to a virtual platform, they were able to collaborate with several additional members of the Material Collective for the group’s keynote lecture, “Resistance and Engagement: The Challenges of Teaching Art History in the US Today.”


Dr. Siddons is an Associate Professor in Art History whose research interests focus on the history of printmaking and photography, particularly in relation to representations of race, racialization, gender and sexuality. Her Fulbright award will fund her travel to the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library in London, United Kingdom. This will support the completion of her book manuscript which will examine American photographer Laura Gilpin’s 1968 book, “The Enduring Navaho.” Siddons will examine her position within the intersectional politics of twentieth-century photography, Indigeneity and queerness, as well as discuss the propositions Gilpin made for both queer and Native self-determination and sovereignty through the book’s visuals.
Dr. Siddons will travel to the United Kingdon in Spring 2021.

For the full article on OSU Faculty receiving Fulbright U.S. Scholar Awards click here.

Join associate professor of art history at Oklahoma State University Dr. Cristina Cruz González and Director of Learning and Community Engagement at Gilcrease Alison Rossi for a discussion about Spanish colonial art via Facebook Live.  Dr. Cruz González will explore the history surrounding "Agonia de San Francisco Javier" by Juan Correa, a recently restored masterpiece in the Gilcrease collection.

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Artist Chris Ramsay is a collector--and he creates artwork from the objects he collects. With Philbrook curator Susan Green, explore Chris's collections, see his Recollection Table in the special exhibition Tulsa Treasures, and discover behind-the-scenes images of his process. 

Currently Chris is the Interim Department Head and Professor of Jewelry/Metals and 3D Foundations at the Oklahoma State University Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History.

Click link below to see the interview on the Facebook page of the Philbrook Museum of Art.