OSU Art History Roundtable Oct 15, 2020 features Dr. Wendy Castenell, University of Alabama


OSU ART History Roundtable Seris Fall 2020

All talks are at 5pm, local time, via Zoom meeting.

To register visit the web site https://art.okstate.edu/rt

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October 15: Wendy Castenell, University of Alabama

Dr. Castenell teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in African American art. Her research focuses on African American art; portraiture; gender studies; representations of race and ethnicity in American visual culture; film history and theory; and cross-cultural contact. Her current book project is Creole Identity in the Art of the American South: Louisiana from the Colonial Era to Reconstruction, under contract with Routledge/Taylor & Francis


November 19: Shaoqian Zhang

The OSU Art History Roundtable series presents the work of OSU faculty and graduate students, along with occasional guests, to the OSU community. This fall, our roundtables will be held via Zoom, and we are looking forward to welcoming a wider audience than is possible in person. Thank you for your interest!