Associate Professor Louise Siddons is the curator of "Creative Cabal" at ahha Tulsa

Associate Professor Louise Siddons is the curator of “Creative Cabal,” at ahha Tulsa, opening Friday, December 6. Creative Cabal members have included some of Tulsa’s most celebrated artists, and some of Tulsa’s best kept secrets. All are hands-on, working artists and they are sharing their creative work with you at ahha Tulsa. 

Over the years, membership has shifted: some were drawn to the group because “creativity can be greatly stimulated through interaction with others who have similar objectives but varied approaches.” Others joined because of “the diverse nature of the members, who each command tremendous respect yet are so darn much fun to be around.” And today, some have joined because communication technology often isolates artistic people and we all relish the chance to meet and share ideas first-hand…to show, discuss, get feedback, find new sources of motivation, encouragement, and inspiration to create. The exhibition runs through January 26, 2020, and a catalogue is available. More information is available on the ahha Tulsa website: 

CREATIVE CABAL EXHIBITING ARTISTS:  Sharon Allred • Phill Cooper • Kim Doner • Jean Ann Fausser • Ron Fleming • Penni Gage • David Halpern • Bob Hawks • Janet Hawks • Joel Kelley • Cynthia Marcoux • Donna Prigmore • Rita Rowe • Diane Salamon • Lori Sears • Linda Stilley • Robin Green Tilly. Also includes the late Shan Goshorn • Susan Hammond • Steve Quinn • Karen Watts.  Non-exhibiting members: Valarie Keown • Betsy Perry • Ken Tracy • James Watts • Florence Whitmire.