Art history professor Shaoqian Zhang was originally scheduled to present her paper at the international conference “The Multidisciplinary Grid 2020” at Holon Institute of Technology, Israel, May 12-13, 2020.  Later the conference was moved to a virtual platform and is scheduled to take place on Nov 23, 2020.  Prof. Zhang's paper, "Centrifugal versus Processional: Divine Power and Mundane Power in Ancient Chinese Funeral Grids," is also scheduled for publication bilingually in English and Hebrew.

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Dr. Shaoqian Zhang, Associate Professor of Art History

Centrifugal or Processional: Divine and Mundane Power in Ancient Chinese Funeral Grids

Shaoqian Zhang is an art historian specializing in East Asian art and architecture, and teaches courses in Chinese and Japanese art and architectural history at OSU. She received her BA in traditional Chinese architecture from Beijing University, and MA and PhD in art history from Northwestern University.

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Critical Mass is an international photography competition — now in its 16th year — wherein artists submit a 10-image portfolio to be ranked by 200 top museum curators, gallerists, publishers, editors, and media producers. From the wide pool of applicants, 50 artists are ultimately selected and their work is published in the Photolucida online archive.


OSU Art History Roundtable Series

Fall 2020

All talks are at 5pm, local time, via Zoom meeting.

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Thursday, Sept 17

Louise Siddons, Associate Professor, OSU Art History

“Love and Theft: Service, Sovereignty, and the American Flag on the Navajo Nation”


October 15: Wendy Castenell, University of Alabama

November 19: Shaoqian Zhang

The OSU Art History Roundtable series presents the work of OSU faculty and graduate students, along with occasional guests, to the OSU community. This fall, our roundtables will be held via Zoom, and we are looking forward to welcoming a wider audience than is possible in person. Thank you for your interest!

Professor Jennifer Borland presents keynote lecture at virtual conference in Sweden

Art history professor Jennifer Borland was originally scheduled to present a keynote lecture with her colleague Nancy Thomson (St. Olaf College) at the international conference “Art: What Is It Good For? Education, Mediation, Criticism” at Sweden’s Linnaeus University on August 19-20, 2020. When the conference was moved to a virtual platform, they were able to collaborate with several additional members of the Material Collective for the group’s keynote lecture, “Resistance and Engagement: The Challenges of Teaching Art History in the US Today.”