Alumni Angus Henderson host Amplified Oklahoma podcast

Angus Henderson, Dec 2018 Art History Graduate, is the host of this Amplified Oklahoma podcast on the history of drag at OSU.  He worked with the Oklahoma Oral History Research Project at the Edmon Low Library and did the research for the episode.

Oklahoma State University is more likely to be known for football than drag queens, but for years there’s been an annual event that brings a variety of communities together: Dragonfly. This month, we’re exploring the history of Dragonfly, a student-run drag show at OSU since 2003. We’ll listen to interviews with students and former advisors from the OSU Diverse Sexuality and Gender Oral History Project discuss how the show got started and how it came to be so popular among students both inside and outside of the LGBT community. We’ll also learn how the LGBT student experience has changed on campus from the early years of Dragonfly to now.


Here is the link to listen to Angus Henderson present Amplified Oklahoma podcast: