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FacultyShow 2016

Wednesday, September 28 – Friday, October 28 2016

Featuring recent work of full-time, adjunct and retired faculty of Oklahoma State University’s Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History, this exhibition features artwork representing the full spectrum of areas in studio art and design including traditional drawing, painting, sculpture, metal work, graphic design, video, and digital animation. This exhibition offers an opportunity for students to see the talents of their professors, who challenge and inspire them on a daily basis. Faculty members inspire and nurture innovation and creativity in their students, and are equally committed to sharing their work with the general public.

Reception: Wednesday, September 28, 5pm – 7pm 
Gardiner Gallery


Tuesday, October 25 – 26 2016

Wes Watkins Center, Oklahoma State University 
Stillwater, OK

The 2016 Oklahoma Arts Conference will outfit artists, nonprofit administrators, board members, community developers, educators, and others with the tools needed to make steadfast progress toward achieving their goals.

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 Thursday, August 17 – Friday, September 23 2016

The dioramas of Robert Turney recreate actual battes fought during the American Civil War, with the addition of hand-painted figurines, toy dinosaurs, pirates, a muscle car, a Gay Pride cotillion, a talking dolphin and a Panzer tank. The story of our Civil War has slipped from tragic history to romanticized myth, or worse, from the stench of death lingering over countless battlefields, to a genteel nostalgia suitable for a PBS documentary. “The Real History of the American Civil War” extends this propagandistic metaphor to the point where death and gore become play.


25yr print

 Monday, June 22 - Friday, August 5 2016

In recognition of the longstanding tradition of excellence in printmaking at Oklahoma State University, Intrigue and Impressions: 25 Years of Printmaking  is a graduate student-curated exhibition drawn from the the collection of Mark Sisson, the OSU printmaking professor. This exhibition features prints from a variety of artists within the past twenty-five years. The contributing artists, including Professor Sisson, form a group of interconnected printmakers from across the nation. Our goal is to demonstrate how networks of printmakers interact through participation in print exchange portfolios and the variety of techniques, materials, and content these portfolios encompass. Each has his or her own style and message, but all are also aware of and shaped by their relationship with the group. The connections between the artists, as well as the intriguing, and often innovative, artworks that arise out of them are the central focus of this show. This exhibition was made possible by the Department of Art, Graphic Design, and Art History, OSU Student Fees, the College of Arts and Sciences, Division of Institutional Diversity, the Oklahoma Arts Council, and the OSU Graduate and Professional Student Government Association. 


IMG 9306 quartz mt 2016

Monday, May 16 - Friday, June 17 2016

Tour de Quartz is a selection of artwork created by Oklahoma high school students during the 2015 Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain (OSAI). During their two-week residency at Quartz Mountain, students are immersed in one of nine artistic disciplines and taught by nationally renowned artists. Former faculty members include winners of the Academy, Tony, Emmy and Grammy awards and the Pulitzer Prize. The Tour de Quartz student artists, as well as literary and performing artists, are selected through competitive statewide auditions. Every accepted student automatically receives a full scholarship to the program. Auditions take place January through March at locations across the state. More information is available at


Graphic Design Senior Portfolio Elizabeth Brocato Forage

 Monday, April 4 - Friday, April 15 2016

This exhibition presents work by graphic design students graduating in May of 2016 with their BFA degrees. Work on view represents all areas of study – digital animation, web design, advertising design, and branding design. This work represents the culmination of each student’s artistic development, achieved after several years of experimentation, research and critical thinking.


Scout Senior Studio Capstone Exhibition

Monday, March 21 – Friday, April 1 2016

This exhibition presents the work of students graduating in May of 2016 with their BFA degrees in studio art.
 Works on view include paintings, drawings, metalwork,
 and sculpture, and represent our students’ achievements obtained through their rigorous course of study at OSU. Mentored by faculty, students demonstrate their command of artistic techniques and professional exhibition practices, as well as critical thinking and communication skills.


Kimberly Schaefer

 Wednesday, February 17 - Wednesday, March 16 2016

The work of Kimberly Schaefer features colorful abstractions inter-layered with human figures. By representing the human form in this manner, Schaefer is able to investigate some of the larger ideas embodied in our humanity, centered on identity, relationships, and the play between the tangible and intangible. Inspired by the miraculous spectacle of the natural world, Schaefer focuses her work on the marvelous and energizing as well as the sometimes dangerous and harmful consequences of such emotions.

Artist Kimberly Schaefer will conduct a workshop that addresses the challenges faced when the human form is contrasted with abstraction. Working from a live model, the artist will lead participants through the various methods of drawing from life and how to achieve an accurate depiction of the human body. Participants will have the opportunity to explore these ideas and techniques personally with the artist.