Graphic Design of the 21st century is a undeniably multifaceted realm, comprising a broad spectrum of media, affecting virtually every segment of our visual culture: from posters, billboards, and advertising to websites, app-designs and broadcast graphics. The Graphic Design program at OSU approaches this realm by building upon the foundations of visual communication, traditional skills and theory, while engaging the constant changing realm of visual communication through analytical and technological perspectives.

Students work on projects geared to develop their hand skills and design sense in lettering, typography, layout and design. Furthermore they implement cutting edge technologies of digital as well as traditional media towards creating award winning works in Motion Graphics, Print and Interaction Design. Our graduates have become art directors, staff designers, production artists, illustrators, typographers and freelance artists working on a wide range of projects across the spectrum of media.

The Graphic design program at OSU offers Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts with emphasis in a broad range of media: Print, Motion and Interaction Design. Our program is acknowledged as leading program in the region with award winning faculty and graduates. While providing traditional as well cutting edge facilities, the Graphic design curriculum is comprised of a series of rigorous yet flexible industry-oriented courses, preparing students for a realm in a constant state of flux.