The Graphic Design Art Program at OSU offers both Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters of Fine Arts degrees.

The BFA program in Graphic Design in the Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History at OSU teaches students to understand and apply design principles, technical processes, and conceptual ideas to a vast range of design media. Students learn to appreciate the range and purpose of the Graphic Design discipline, as well as the skills to understand what constitutes effective design. Beginning with a foundation in visual communication, students develop skills in a variety of areas and media. These skills are developed during instruction in traditional media, printing processes, and the use of industry-standard software; then applied to more difficult media such as in motion and interaction. Graduating student portfolio work includes a variety of media from graphic design, motion design, and interaction design, such as: posters, billboards, branding, logo and symbol design, website design, app design, television and film graphics. With a vast range of design work, graduates of the program pursue careers in graphic design and advertising, or continue their education in Fine Arts MFA programs across the nation.


App Design, Brand Identity, Interactive Design, Logo Design, Motion Design, Packaging Design, Packaging Graphics, Promotional Design, Symbology, Television & Film Graphics, Typography, UI/UX Design, Wayfinding, & Web Design.

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Jacob Gilbreath


Students have 24-hour access to two design studios and three computer lab spaces in the Bartlett Center. Each computer lab is equipped with Adobe Creative Suite, Audio Editing Software, Final Cut Pro, (20) 27” iMacs, Laser Color Printers, Scanners, & Wacam Tablets. In addition, students also have access to Large-Format Epson 9900 printer, Laser Cutter, (25) iPad Airs, (2) 3D Printers.


Design for Graphic Design Portfolio Exhibition 2014


Art Director, Advertising Designer, Creative Director, Environmental Designer, Interactive Designer, Motion Graphics Designer, Package Designer, Publications Designer, Typographer, UI/UX Designer, & Web Designer.


Kyra Guffey

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A selection of Motion Graphic works from our MFA  and BFA students :