The Art History Program at OSU offers both Bachelors and Masters of Art degrees as well as a Graduate Certifiacte Program in Museum and Curatorial Studies. It is also possible to get a minor in Art History. 

Art does much more than embody the human spirit; it reflects historical and political realities, religious and philosophical values, and cultural attitudes. A degree in the History of Art provides the student with a rich and balanced liberal arts education. The study of art history offers comprehensive insight into human cultural development that integrates rigorous analysis with creativity and interpretive thought. It is, in its broadest sense, a systematic exploration of imagination. The practical skills that are developed in this study—particularly research, writing, and the ability to analyze complex visual symbols—are directly applicable in a wide variety of professional paths, both within and outside the art world. The Gardiner Gallery of Art and new Oklahoma State Museum of Art in downtown Stillwater offer our students the opportunity to get hands-on experience working as interns, docents, and curators. Enrollment for our largest classes is capped at 50 pupils; upper level courses are smaller than 15, giving our students ready access to faculty in the classroom.

Our program offers a broad range of courses, from Asian, American, Native American, European, and Islamic Art surveys, to upper-level classes that engage issues of gender, globalization, propaganda, and modernity. A new curatorial studies trajectory within the program is supported by museum and gallery internships, hands-on curatorial opportunities, and classes on the history and theory of museums and curatorial practice.

 Jobs directly related to, and requiring training in the history of art include: 
• Art Conservation 
• Museum Administration 
• Gallery Management 
• Corporate Art Investment 
• Art Criticism and Journalism 
• Government Administration of the Arts 
• Advanced High School or College Teaching 

Other professional occupations that require visual literacy include: 
• Artists 
• Graphic Designers 
• Arts Educators
• Marketing Specialists

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