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Drawing / Painting // Printmaking // Digital Photo / Video // Sculpture // Ceramics // Jewelry / Metals


OSU offers all levels of printmaking in its J. Jay McVicker print studio at the Arts Annex. Printmaking has had an illustrious history at OSU. Famous printmakers who have taught here include Doel Reed and McVicker, both of whom were well known for their regional imagery and excellent technical skills. Relief prints are made from a raised printing surface. The most common forms of relief printing are woodcuts and linoleum block prints. The image is drawn on the block and the non-image areas are cut away. Ink is applied to the raised area, paper is placed on the block, and the back of the paper is rubbed to pick up the ink. In the intaglio printing, an impression is made from a zinc or copper plate. The word intaglio is Italian and means to engrave or cut into. Lines are cut into the metal plate with acid or a sharp tool. Ink is applied to the plate, the lines hold ink, and the surface is wiped clean. Damp paper is forced into the inked lines with a press and picks up the image. In lithography, an impression is made from a stone or metal plate. The word lithography comes from the Greek words for stone and writing. The process is based on the simple principle that grease and water do not mix. A drawing is made on a stone or metal plate, which is then processed so that the image areas accept ink and the non-image areas repel ink. Pressure of the printing press causes the paper to pick up the inked areas.