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Graphic Design MFA // Graphic Design BFA

The Master of Fine Arts Program in Graphic Design at Oklahoma State University

We are accepting applications for Fall 2016.
The deadline is February 15, 2017.

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Graphic Design at Oklahoma State University (OSU) is the only graduate program specializing in a unique combination of Interaction Design and Motion Design in Oklahoma and in any other Higher Education Institution in the region. Interaction Design and Motion Design are the most rapidly expanding areas in the field of graphic design.

Interaction Design (sometimes referred to User Experience Design, or UX Design) offers a diverse range of studies to explore. Some of these consider the role of design via human-computer interaction with interface design/development for electronic devices, while others explore the nature of design as related to the creation of two-, three-, and four-dimensional forms.

Motion Design (sometimes referred to as motion graphics) applies the function and principles of graphic design to sequential electronic media seen on screens of all types. This includes animated typography, graphic elements, and video used in film and television credits, advertising, information graphics, music video and other media where the elements of graphic design have been set into motion.

Designers with these strengths are highly sought after in both the design industry and academia. This three year graduate level program will develop students’ expertise as graphic designers in Interaction Design and Motion Design, while developing their research, presentation and writing skills. MFA graduates will be able to respond to both the creative demands of the graphic design profession and the research and teaching requirements of academia. The OSU MFA Program in Graphic Design offers the terminal degree in this discipline required to teach at the university level.

Sample Graduate Courses:
Graphic Design Graduate Studio
Motion Design Graduate Studio
Interaction Design Graduate Studio
Teaching Practicum
Off-campus Summer Internship
Graduate Seminar

Faculty Members

Phil Choo, MFA
Associate Professor & Graduate Program Coordinator
Research Interest: Interaction Design & Typography

Justen Renyer, MFA
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Research Interest: Motion Design, Lettering and Type Design

Patrick Finley, MFA
Assistant Professor & Student Club Advisor
Research Interest: Human Computer Interaction Design

Pouya Jahanshahi, MFA
Assistant Professor
Research Interest: Motion Design & Hybrid Visual Culture

Ting Wang, MFA
Visiting Assistant Professor
Research Interest: Information Design

How to apply

Submit the following to OSU’s Graduate College
• OSU Graduate College Application
• Official Transcripts
• Resume
• Portfolio (15- 20 Examples of work)
• Statement of purpose (One or two page)
• Three (3) letters of recommendation
• Official TOEFL scores are required for international students.
• No GRE scores are required.

Gradate Assistantships

The MFA program awards several assistantships to support graduate students.

• Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)
• Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)
• Graduate Teaching Lab Assistant (GTLA)

Assistantship appointments that are half-time (50%) include, in addition to the monthly stipend, full non-resident tuition waiver, full resident tuition waiver, and health insurance benefits. To be considered for the graduate assistantship, you must indicate your interest during your graduate college application process.
You may be required to provide additional information. These are available on a competitive basis and may be not awarded to all graduate students.

More information about assistantship can be found at http://gradcollege.okstate.edu/assistantship

Contact Information
Graduate Coordinator: Phil Choo
Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History
108 Bartlett Center
Stillwater, OK 74078