Graduate Students 2018

Art History

no photo darkChestike Williams

-Second year MA student
-BA in Art History and English with a minor in Film Studies-UNF
-Research interests: Modern and Contemporary African American art.


Roxanne BeasonRoxanne Beason

- First year MA student
- Received BA in Art History
with a minor in Philosophy at
Oklahoma State University.
- Research emphasis is on art
of the American West and contemporary
Native American art.


catarinaCatarina de Araujo

-First Year MA Student
-BA in Broadcast Journalism Video Production - OSU
-MEd in Secondary Education (Visual Arts) - DePaul University
-Research Interest: Colonial Latin American art, particularly in Brazil.



Cassidy PCassidy Petrazzi

- Second year MA student
- Thesis advisors: Louise Siddons
and Jennifer Borland
- BFA in Studio Art with a
minor in Art History from NYSCC at Alfred University, Alfred, NY

- Areas of interest:Modern/Contemporary;Fluxus

Bianca picBianca Martucci-Fink

- Second year MA student
- BA in Art History with a minor in Gender
and Women's Studies-OSU
- Research Interests: Modern and     contemporary feminist art and
 protest art




Graphic Design

no photo darkRiva Nayaju

no photo darkGhazal Foroutan

MarioMario Bocanegra

DoDo Kim

Bianca Prade 1Bianca Prade