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Artists who want to submit their work for consideration: Please contact Gallery Director Teresa Holder.


Research Week Art Competition Winners 2014

Research Week2014


The eight winners of the Research Week Art Competition have been announced. Students were asked to:

Create a work of art that embodies the role of artists in communicating the meaning of science to the general public. The theme is simply, "Science."

Purchase Award Winners
Randall Barnes, "Eutrophication Diagram"
Zach Miller, “Fool’s Gold”

Honorable Mention Award Winners
Morgan Cravey, “New Life”
Paxton Maddox, “Do You See What I See"
Dylan West, “Scientific Influence of Pop Culture”
Parker Jones, “Life’s Root”
Herman Kohlmeyer, “E.W.F.”
Addie Stunkard, “Strength Within Beauty”

Research Week
February 18 - March 21, 2014

Research Gala
February 18, 2014

*In addition to the 8 Research Week art winners, one of our honorable mention artists, senior studio art major Herman Kohlmeyer has recieved a Dean's Showcase award. Herman's painting, "E.W.F." will hang in the Dean's office. We want to congratulate Herman on this additional distinguished purchase award.


Art History Faculty Roundtable Series

Roundtable series


In conjunction with the Art and Graphic Design Faculty Exhibition, the art history faculty and graduate students will present a series of roundtable discussions focusing on their recent research. Students and community members will learn about exciting topics from each presenter's research and publication projects. In concert with the Faculty Exhibition, this Roundtable Series will present the excellence in scholarship and practice recently achieved by all members of the Department of Art, Graphic Design, And Art History.


WHAT'S UP? Recent works by Mark H. Cowardin

cowardin tri image small

Left to right: Get a Grip, ebonized walnut, maple, and paint, 49" x 29" x 20", 2012;Here & There, ebonized walnut, paint, mixed media, wood, silver leaf, flocking, & glitter, 57" x 20" x 14", 2013; The Great Escape, ebonized walnut, and taxidermy pheasant, 65" x 37" x 17", 2012

January 13 - February 14, 2014

This exhibition features a selection of recent sculptural works by Mark H. Cowardin, who explores the intersection of humans and the natural world. He is interested in the disconnection between people and the origins of the objects they consume, and how the consumption of resources alters the environment. Cowardin is currently an Associate Professor of Fine Art at Johnson County Community College in Kansas. His works are included in numerous public and private collections.


Studio Art Senior Portfolio Exhibition


November 20 - December 06 2013

This exhibition celebrates senior studio art students graduating in December 2013 with BFA degrees. Works on view feature painting, drawing, metalwork, and sculpture, and represent our student artists' achievements obtained through synthesis, analysis, and reflection on their rigorous studies at OSU. Mentored by faculty, students demonstrate their critical thinking and communication skills, as well as an awareness of professional exhibition practice.


Graphic Design Senior Portfolio Exhibition



This exhibition presents work by students graduating in December 2013 with their BFA degrees in graphic design. Work on view represents all areas of study - illustration, digital animation, advertising design, and branding design. The artwork on view represents the culmination of each student's artistic proficiency, achieved after several years of experimentation, research, and critical thinking.

Sunday, November 3, 2-4 pm 
Gardiner Gallery


Art and Graphic Design Faculty Exhibition

FACULTY EXHIBITION Lynch Gold in the Vaultsmall


Left: Jack Titus,Excavations VIII
Right: Jo Lynch, Gold in the Vaults

The Art and Graphic Design Faculty Exhibition surveys recent works from all current and emeritus faculty in the Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History. The compelling display features works over a diverse range of themes and media, including drawings, paintings, sculpture, metalwork, printmaking, ceramics, graphic design and multimedia. This exhibition offers an important opportunity for students and community to view the talent of our faculty artists, who challenge and inspire them on a daily basis.


Summer 2013 OSU classes in Taos, New Mexico

JUNE 10-21 in Taos (OSU Summer Session 2 or Summer Session 3)

JULY 8-19 in Taos (OSU Summer Session 4)

Sponsored by the Doel Reed Center for the Arts


Dr. C. Arzu Aytekin visits OSU for Spring Semester


Dr. Cemile Arzu Aytekin
Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi
Visiting Researcher
Painting / 2-D Foundations

Dr. Cemile Arzu Aytekin comes from the Department of Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi in Izmir, Turkey where she teaches Studio and Design courses. She holds a studio masters, and a doctorate in education. Arzu, as she prefers to be called, is a course lecturer, and thesis advisor at her home university in Turkey. She comes to the Oklahoma State University Department of Art, Graphic Design, and Art History as a Visiting Researcher in partnership with YükseköĒ§retim Kurulu — YÖK — Turkish Higher Education Council. Arzu will be spending the spring semester with us learning about the American higher education process.