Art History Grad student lands a full-time position at the OSU Museum of Art

The Oklahoma State University Museum of Art has recently expanded its education team to include a K-12 Educator and they hired Catarina “Cat” de Araujo, an OSU Alumnae and current Art History Graduate student.

Cat came to Stillwater as an international student at OSU where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. In 2011 she received a Master's in Education in the field of Visual Arts and taught, for nearly five years, at the Chicago High School for the Arts. Later she spent two years in Dallas where she worked as a Museum Educator for the Crow Collection of Asian Art and the Meadows Museum before moving back to Oklahoma. In 2018 Cat returned to OSU in pursuit of a Master's in Art History, helping her connect with the OSU Museum of Art.

As a certified teacher who is passionate about teaching and learning, Cat joins the Museum education team with a focus on Public School programming, developing lessons and programs that will enrich students' experience with the museum’s collection. She interested in building long-term relationships with teachers, so she can not only bring more students to the museum, but also facilitate in-classroom learning. “All these years, I am the happiest when I am teaching and learning about art. I am thrilled to do both now with the support of the Art History Department and the OSU Museum of Art.”

Cat’s research interests lie in photography and printmaking of Modern era Brazil and Afro-Brazilian culture. This year, she participated in conferences at Tulane University and Southern Methodist University, as well as published an interview with Brazilian artist Jonathas de Andrade for the academic journal Sequitur. Besides teaching and learning, Cat also likes to create art of her own, working from observation with pastels and colored pencils, and working with clay on the potter’s wheel at the Prairie Arts Center.