Dr. Zhang participating in exhibition “Across the Divide: The Beauty of Visual Language as Art” At San Fransisco Public Library

As the editor of the exhibition catalog and a member of the organizing team, Prof. Shaoqian Zhang participated in the exhibition opening of “Across the Divide: The Beauty of Visual Language as Art” on Sep 6, at San Fransisco Public Library, Aug 18 -Nov 14, 2019. 

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Across the Divide

The Beauty of Visual Language as Art

Chinese language is the oldest written language in the world with at least 6000 years of history. This unique system of symbols is not only a tool for communication but a reflection of the country’s history and culture.

This exhibition explores a rich genre of art and design that connects Chinese written language with visual arts, and it offers a refreshing perspective of seeing and understanding Chinese written language in art forms, and it challenges the traditional language barriers of cross-cultural communication.

From Aug 18 to Nov 14, 2019, a major exhibition of contemporary Chinese language art will take place at the San Francisco Public Library. The exhibition, entitled “Across the Divide – The Beauty of Visual Language as Art” was organized by the Association of Chinese Artists in American Academia and was curated by Prof. Chi Xun, with the generous support from a cohort of co-curators including Prof. Ren Zhe, Prof. Yu Ji, Prof. Zhang Weimin, Prof. Rebecca Xu, Prof. Yvette Shen, Di Li, Prof. Zhou Hongtao, Prof. Xiao Yong, Prof. Li Yan and Han Zhanning.