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MARCH 5th - MARCH 16th, 2012
Reception: 5—6 pm 
Gallery Talk: 6-7 pm 
Thursday, March 8

This exhibition presented work by studio art students graduating in May 2012 with their BFA degrees.



Lubna Agha, Two Bowls, Acrylic on wood, 2010, 19" X 35"

FEBRUARY 8th - MARCH 2nd, 2012
Reception: 5-6 pm 
Artist Lecture: 6-7 pm 
Thursday, February 9th 

Born in Quetta, Lubna won prizes for her painting even before she earned an art diploma. The year she graduated, 1967, she embarked upon a career that would place her among the most renowned Pakistani painters. In 1972 Lubna returned to Karachi from a two year sojourn in London. She shocked the Pakistani art community with her newly minted, brilliantly colored, nearly minimalist non-figurative paintings. When Lubna and her husband moved to Sacramento, California in 1981, she gave up large oils on canvas for smaller watercolors and etchings. Far from home and roots, Lubna's art became figurative again imbibing social-political narrative.

A 2004 trip to Morocco and Turkey changed Lubna's art and personal life. Islamic architecture, including colorfully tiled mosques with graceful domes and towering minarets, rekindled her interest in history and mystic Islamic philosophy. Referencing architectural photographs she took on the Mid East visit, Lubna's art became larger again appropriating geometric designs and patterns. With a personal vocabulary, Lubna paints to reflect her alienation from her birth country and its familiar culture as she adjusted to a very different way of living in the United States.



Ted Ramsay, Bedroom Place, Mental Place, Oil on Canvas, 2010, 40" X 30"

JANUARY 9th - FEBRUARY 3rd, 2012
Reception: 5-6 pm 
Artist Lecture: 6-7 pm 
Thursday, Januray 12th 

This exhibition showcases a selection of recent work by Ted Ramsay, Professor of Art at University of Michigan. In his paintings, Ramsay focuses on the frozen moment, creating visually satisfying beauty out of the complexities of daily lives. Using paint to depict the range of light emanating from his figures, Ramsay reassigns the images into a simpler but more powerful painted aesthetic.



Cassie Brown, Deep Sweep, Oil on canvas, 2010, 24”x48”

Reception: 5-6 pm 
Gallery Talk: 6-7 pm 
Thursday, December 1st

This exhibition presents work by Cassie Brown, Krystal L. Harper and Christina Naruszewicz who will graduate in December 2011 with their BFA degrees. Work on view represents these student artists’ achievements obtained through synthesis, analysis and reflection on their rigorous studies at OSU. Mentored by faculty, students demonstrate their critical thinking, communication skills and their awareness of professional exhibition practice.



NOVEMBER 9th - NOVEMBER 23rd, 2011
Reception: 2—4 pm 
Sunday, November 13

This exhibition presents work by students graduating in December 2011 with their BFA degrees in Graphic Design. Work on view represents all areas of study—illustration, digital animation, advertising design, branding design, etc. The artwork represents the culmination of each student’s artistic proficiency, achieved after several years of experimentation, research, and critical thinking. 



Jonathan Hils, Untitled, Welded steel and wire, 2011, 78" X 19" X 7"

OCTOBER 12th - NOVEMBER 4th, 2011
Reception: 5-6 pm 
Artist Lecture: 6-7 pm 
Thursday, October 13th 

This exhibition features a selection of recent work created specifically for the space of the Gardiner Art Gallery by Jonathan Hils. A prestigious artist known for primarily working in steel, Hils examines various issues in American society through his work. Inspired by traditional craft artists and industrial workers, Hils’ sculptures convey an interplay of physical grace and conceptual force.



Angie Piehl, Moribund, Grapahite on Archival Paper, 30" X 22"

SEPTEMBER 26th - OCTOBER 7th, 2011
Reception: 5—6 pm 
Thursday, September 29 

This exhibition surveys recent work from all current and emeritus faculty in the Department of Art. The compelling display features work over a diverse range of themes and media, including drawings, sculptures, metalwork and digital design. This exhibition offers a rare opportunity for students to view the talents of their mentors, who challenge and inspire them on a daily basis.