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Artists who want to submit their work for consideration: Please contact Gallery Director Teresa Holder.

Sara Schneckloth 
2015 Smelser Vallion Visiting Artist
Doel Reed Center for the Arts

Lorraine Wild
2015 Visiting Artist
Arts and Humanities Seminar Series
College of Arts & Sciences



August 19 - September 25 2015

Mayumi Amada is a Japanese artist living and working in the United States. Influenced by the spirit and ideologies of Buddhism, Amada often draws upon the philosophy of Zen to give direction to the creation of her work. Focusing on reusable and recycled materials, Amada embraces the idea of giving these materials a new life and “rebirth” through the exploration of the connection between these recycled objects and her thematic interests. Viewers are invited to reflect upon how the work addresses the circle of life and eternity in mortality.


Juried Show 4 15

 April 22 - May 8 2015

Open to students from all levels of undergraduate studies in studio art and graphic design, this highly competitive exhibition honors the artistic excellence achieved by our talented students while they learn and mature as artists at OSU. Each year we invite one visual arts educator and one professional graphic designer to serve as the jurors. The exhibition showcases work hand selected by the jurors. Our student artists offer the viewers a broad range of experiences through their engaging works, some demanding active participation and others requiring a more contemplative examination of content.


Capstone Spring 15

April 8 - April 17 2015

This exhibition presents the work of students graduating in May of 2015 with their BFA degrees in studio art.
 Works on view include paintings, drawings, metalwork,
 and sculpture, and represent our students’ achievements obtained through their rigorous course of study at OSU. Mentored by faculty, students demonstrate their command of artistic techniques and professional exhibition practices, as well as critical thinking and communication skills.


Madeline Hancock Peak

March 25 - April 3 2015

This exhibition presents work by graphic design students graduating in May of 2015 with their BFA degrees. Work on view represents all areas of study – digital animation, web design, advertising design, and branding design. This work represents the culmination of each student’s artistic development, achieved after several years of experimentation, research and critical thinking.


PropInterval 72


The work of Todd McDonald explores the search for meaning in a constructed environment, drawing upon the senses, memories and understanding. Both architecture and images trace their function and meaning back into the history of art where precedent provides context. McDonald’s digital methods and virtual space are confronted with the resistance and limitations of physical materials. The resulting images define structures that are synthetic, but are rooted in a logic that is informed by actual visual experience.

Through digital technology, strategies such as tiling, cutting, pasting, layering, and filtering have come to define and shape the character of the images in our visual culture. When these new systems combine with the conventions of painting, potent and exciting opportunities arise to both deconstruct and expand this contemporary visual vernacular.




For thousands of years, Chinese painters and poets have revered nature as a source of spiritual and artistic inspiration, and landscape paintings have been regarded as the higest form of art. Traditipnal Chinese landscape paintings take towering mountains and craggy cliffs, winding rivers and joyous fishermen, scholars composing poems or dreaming of immortals as their subject matter.

Guisheng Wang and Jiaduo Li not only respect the ancient Chinese landscape painting tradition, they re-imagine and revitalize the approach to landscape. These artists transform traditional landscapes into modern forms, expressing rhythms of mountains and streams.