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Phil Choo, MFA

Professor in Graphic Design
Office:(405) 744-6016
Fax:(405) 744-5767

phil choo

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Phil Choo, Professor and Designer, teaches graphic design courses at Oklahoma State University (OSU). Choo earned his MFA from Iowa State University and was an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota for three years before joining OSU in 2005.

He creates body of work to challenge and value design as a creative problem-solving process, making objects, need finding, risk-taking, redefining lives, beauty combined with effectiveness, and the outcome of collaborations. After years of his success as a graphic designer, he is currently expanding his research interests to 3D functional objects and interdisciplinary study with Business, Engineering, and other disciplines.


  • Eleven ADDY awards at the regional and national level
  • Three international awards
  • Ten national awards
  • Eight regional awards
  • Nominated for the Wise-Diggs-Berry Award
  • Student Council Outstanding Professor Award


  • Three international exhibitions
  • Ten national exhibitions
  • Three solo exhibitions
  • Ten regional exhibitions

Creative Works Published in:

  • Art Design Institute Graphic Design Annual 1, Hangzhou, China
  • No One Missing 1: Play Fonts - Cutting-Edge Designs Inspired by the Font Application, Shenyang, China

Funding from 15 grants supported him to conduct research, deliver presentations at conferences, and exhibit creative projects nationally and internationally. His research efforts were also recognized by the OSU College of Arts & Sciences.