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Shaoqian Zhang, PhD

Northwestern University
Assistant Professor
East Asian Art Historyshaoqian zhangOffice: (405) 744-6016
Fax: (405) 744-5767
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Shaoqian Zhang is an art historian specializing in East Asian art and architecture, and teaches courses in Chinese and Japanese art and architectural history at OSU. She received her BA in traditional Chinese architecture from Beijing University, and MA and PhD in art history from Northwestern University. She joined the OSU faculty in 2011.

Shaoqian’s research touches upon a wide variety of visual culture materials ranging from traditional East Asian architecture to contemporary art in China. She is currently completing her book manuscript, entitled Revolution in the Making: War, Party-State and Propaganda in Modern Chinese Print Culture. It examines the evolution of Chinese political prints from the end of the Nineteenth Century to the foundation of People’s Republic of China in 1949, with an in-depth discussion on the often overlooked Japanese influence on Chinese print and graphic design. She is intrigued by the historical interactions between China and Japan through the spread of print technologies, graphic design and modernization.
She also has published a number of articles that reflect her interests in print culture, military history, party-state, medium specificity and spectatorship in China’s modern period, appearing in academic journals such as Modern Art Asia, Transcultural Studies and Twentieth Century China. Her other interests include the relationship between architectural representation and different religious forces in East Asia; contemporary Chinese art by female artists, and the transformation of China’s urban space after its economic reform starting in the late 1970s. In addition to writing and research, she has also been the guest curator for a number of exhibitions in both the United States and China.


   “Visualizing the Modern Chinese Party-State: from Political Education to Propaganda Agitation in the Early Republican Period,” in Twentieth Century China (forthcoming)

   “The Making of Peace and War in China: From New Year Pictures to Propaganda Cartoons during the Second Sino-Japanese War,” Book Chapter in Comic Empires: The Imperialism of Cartoons, Caricature, and Satirical Art. Eds. Richard Scully and Andrekos Varnava (University of Manchester Press, 2015, forthcoming).

   “Combat and Collaboration: The Clash of Propaganda Prints between the Chinese Guomindang and the Japanese Empire in the 1930s–1940s” in Transcultural Studies No.1 (June 2014): 95-133.

   “Checkerboard Grids: Go and Chinese Chess - Urban Planning and Political Ideologies in American Westward Movement and Ancient China.” Open Journal of Philosophy No. 3 (Nov 2013): 502-506.

   “Influence of Photography on Chinese Political Prints in Early Twentieth Century,” Material & Idea: Chinese Photography History 1840s-2011. eds., Du Lin & Gao Chu (Conference Volume Essay, Huai’an, China: Huai’an International Photography Museum, 2011), 307-311.

   “The Supremacy of Modern Time: How Shanghai Calendars Re-shaped the Image of China (1860-1930)” in Modern Art Asia Selected Research Papers (Cambridge, UK: Enzo Arts and Publishing Limited, June 2012), 133-152.

   “New Configuration of Gendered Development in Chinese Modern Movies (1930-40),” a Chapter in Zuowei shenti zhexue de zhongguo gudai zhexue [Chinese Philosophy as the Philosophy of the Body], Zailin Zhang ed., (Beijing: China Social Science Press, 2008), 283-308.

   “Tang Song ducheng bijiao fenxi [Comparative Analyses of Capital Cities in the Tang and Song Dynasties],” in Kaogu yu wenwu [Archeology and Culture Relics] (2002: Supplementary Issue): 317-319. [article in Chinese]