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Richard Bivins, MFA

Richard Bivins

Richard A. Bivins (1939-2018)

Richard A. Bivins was born on October 21, 1939 in Shidler, OK, to Walter and Jesse Bivins. He finished high school in Barnsdall, OK, and then went on to study art at Oklahoma State University, completing his BFA in Studio Art in 1961. Bivins graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1965 with an MFA in Studio Art, focusing on ceramics. He joined the studio art faculty as an Assistant Professor in the Art Department at OSU in 1964. Bivins, who was of Cherokee descent, was inspired by Native American art throughout his long and active artistic career. During his 1976 sabbatical, Bivins studied Native American pottery in California, New Mexico and Mexico. He worked with the internationally-known potter Maria Martinez and other members of her family, as well as the highly regarded ceramic artist Paul Soldner. Bivins was primarily a ceramics artist, but he also taught courses in drawing and design at OSU. He was a highly regarded teacher by students as well as his colleagues.

Throughout his long tenure at OSU, Bivins was committed to service to the University and the Art Department, demonstrating a willingness to teach whatever was needed. He displayed deep curiosity and a profound willingness to learn new things; for example, he read over 40 books on Egyptian art and architecture in preparation for teaching a new art history class on this subject! In 1982, he received a National Endowment for the Humanities grant to develop new upper level humanities courses at OSU. Bivins also led an Ancient Egypt Study Tour in 1983, and he contributed to the Elderhostel program by teaching a course in American Indian ceramics. He developed close friendships in the Art Department, especially with painters Dean Bloodgood and Marty Avrett. Bivins was promoted to Full Professor in 1981, the same year that he became Head of the Art Department. He led the Department until 1990, when he returned to full time teaching.

Bivins was also a highly regarded artist outside of OSU. He was represented by galleries in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, and his work may be found in numerous private and public collections nationally and in China. He was also highly active as a curator, organizing exhibitions on ceramics, quilts, landscape painting, and prints, to name just a few areas of focus. In 1983 Bivins received both an Oklahoma Humanities Foundation grant and a highly competitive National Endowment for the Arts grant to support his well-regarded exhibition “Contemporary Native American Art,” which traveled nation-wide for eighteen months.

Active both regionally and nationally in the arts, Bivins was a member of the Native American Art Studies Association, the National Council for Education in Ceramics Arts, and the American Craft Council, among many other organizations.

Bivins retired from OSU in 1997, but he continued to be an active presence in the Art Department, curating exhibitions for the Gardiner Gallery. He died on March 10, 2018, at the age of 78.