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Leslie Anne Martin, MFA

University of New Mexico – Albuquerque
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: (405) 744-6016Leslie martin1Fax: (405) 744-5767
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Born and raised in rural Oklahoma, Leslie Anne Martin’s current works explore social structure and perception in her region, as well as weather phenomena and its relation to landscape and culture. Martin earned her MFA in Sculpture from the University of New Mexico and her BFA in Sculpture and BS in Design, Housing, and Merchandising from Oklahoma State University. Martin has an impressive exhibition history and has experience in the design field, creating commissioned work, and joining forces with industry professionals. In 2016, she traveled through each of Oklahoma’s 77 counties, in the creation of a collaborative steel sculpture that depicts weather variations across the state. This piece, Weathering Oklahoma, is displayed at the National Weather Center in Norman, OK.

Martin’s artwork and experiences have fueled several artist talks throughout New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado. She is scheduled to speak at the 2018 College Art Association Conference in Los Angeles, California. Her work has been exhibited in various publications and news media, including Hemisphere’s Visual Cultures of the Americas, Tulsa People, The Daily Oklahoman, The Norman Transcript, KOCO News Channel 5, and KOTV News on 6.

Leslie Anne Martin Artist Statement:

Growing up in tornado alley of central Oklahoma has shaped my ideas of the earth and permanence. My first experience with mass destruction was from the 1999 Stroud, OK tornado. A teenager at the time, driving through the wreckage, I witnessed a massive tree still standing amongst a neighborhood of destruction. Caught in the tornado’s force, the branches had eerily bent and swirled around each other. It was beautiful. Natural force and beauty can be difficult to discuss. Yet, after experiencing trauma, the feelings associated with that event remain connected to us. I have deep fear for these phenomena, yet admire their magnificence and sheer strength. My work examines these feelings and provokes conversation about the terrible beauty that surrounds natural disaster.

My current endeavors include research of the female archetypes and how characteristics of each phase are specific to the region of the individual. Currently, the state of Oklahoma is my main focus. I explore “old wives tales,” homeopathic remedies, and farmer’s decisions that are based on centuries old techniques. Simultaneously, I look inward as to how this information has been absorbed and reflected in my life.