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Student Groups

There are numerous student groups available to all OSU students. The Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History also sponsors several student groups that are specific to the arts including one for Graphic Design students and one for Studio Art students. Contact the art office or the academic advisor for further information.

OSU Graphic Design Club (OSUGDC)

OSU Graphic Design Club (OSUGDC) is a student organization aimed toward bringing fellow designers together to expand our knowledge and build great networking relationships. We strive to be involved with the university and continue growing as a professional group and family. OSUGDC takes the Juniors and Seniors to the Dallas Society of Visual Communications Student Conference every Spring to learn from established professionals in the design field and bond as a whole. We have also developed a mentor program for our upperclassmen to help sophomores who are preparing to go through Sophomore Review and work to give constructive criticism and encouragement throughout the year. We provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere where members grow into young professionals and experience motivational design opportunities.

Campus Link:

OSUGDC Officers (2013-2014):

Laney Fisher: laney.fisher@okstate.edu

Vice President
Kyra Guffey: kyra.guffey@okstate.edu

Mauresa Hankinson: mauresa.hankinson@okstate.edu

Alyson Stejskal: alyson.stejskal@okstate.edu

Public Relations Coordinator
Stefani Billings: stefani.billings@gmail.com

Junior Liaison
Rachel Haynes: rachel.lynne.haynes@okstate.edu

Sophomore Liaison
Madeline Wood: mmwood@okstate.edu

Justen Renyer: justen.renyer@okstate.edu

Patrick Finley: pfinley@okstate.edu

Links For Social Media:
Instagram @OSUGDC
Twitter @OSUGDC

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Oklahoma State Artist Society (Formerly OSU Art Club)

Oklahoma State University Artist Society (formerly OSU Art Club) is a great way to get involved in the OSU art community. We aim to promote the exchange of ideas among those students interested in art. We sponsor service activities, exibitions, field trips, guest speakers, and other professional endeavors related to art. We foster communication and cooperation between students, faculty, and staff. Also, we ecncourage and award scholarship and accomplishment among art students. We welcome all students from all majors and backgrounds!

OSAS Officers (2013-2014):

Randall Barnes: randall.barnes@okstate.edu

Vice President
Jini Kim: jini.kim@okstate.edu


Jacob Colle: jcolle@okstate.edu

Event Coordinator
Daniel King: daniel.king@okstate.edu

Email us at:

Find us on Campuslink:

Follow us on Facebook!

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OSU Art History Organization

The Art History Organization is an undergraduate student group that aims to provide an atmosphere in which students can become more acquainted with the subject of art history, to explore the professional opportunities available to those with degrees in art history, and to discuss more broadly the visual arts and their cultural significance. We welcome anyone interested in the arts! We also offer interested students access to networking with others in Stillwater, the state of Oklahoma, and areas outside the state. We strive to achieve this goal through regular meetings, guest speakers, film series, campus activities, and field trips to museums, galleries, and other venues for the visual arts.

AHO Officers (2013-2014):

Laura Ridlon: laura.ridlon@okstate.edu

Vice President
Melissa Agnew: volleygirl120@yahoo.com

Madeline Wood: mmwood@okstate.edu

Josie Stovall: josieas@okstate.edu

Find us on Campuslink:

Follow us on Facebook!

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