ART 1503 viewed the Kelso Coin Collection in Edmon Low Library

Dr. CristinaGonz√°lez's  Art 1503 class took a field trip to the Edmon Low Library to view the Kelso coin collection. The experience allowed students to experience the ancient world via primary materials.






About the Collection

The Dr. Bill F. & Jean Kelso Collection of Ancient Coins includes approximately 125 coins from the Mediterranean and Middle East, and 30 from China. These were collected by Bill Kelso primarily during his trips to Tunisia. The collection includes not only the coins, but also a number of reference books and photographs. Dr. Kelso, a graduate of Oklahoma State University, donated the collection in hopes of expanding it use for educational activities.

The collection is noteworthy for the age and geographic diversity of the coins. Some date back to the fourth century BC with early Greek coins and coins representing the various Roman periods, which feature nearly every Roman ruler for four centuries. There are also coins from Carthage and a variety of locations that impacted the Mediterranean area.