Art History Organization

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The Art History Organization is an undergraduate student group that aims to provide an atmosphere in which students can become more acquainted with the subject of art history, to explore the professional opportunities available to those with degrees in art history, and to discuss more broadly the visual arts and their cultural significance. We welcome anyone interested in the arts! We also offer interested students access to networking with others in Stillwater, the state of Oklahoma, and areas outside the state. We strive to achieve this goal through art-based activities, guest speakers, film series, and field trips to museums, galleries, and other venues for the visual arts.

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Officers (2017-2018)

President:  Bianca Martucci-Fink, Art History Graduate Student

Vice-President:  Cheyanne Myers, Art History Undergraduate Student

Secretary:  Viktorea Levasheff, Art History Undergraduate Student

Treasurer:  Tanna Newberg, Art History Undergraduate Student